A Manifesto to Re-Balance our Place on the Planet.

Our philosophy draws on research and opinion about our place in nature and the built environment. We believe that bright ideas can bring these two things together to drive positive change.

01. Design is a Dialogue

For us, design comprises a series of conversations. These contribute to an ongoing dialogue between clients, stakeholders and our team.

The development of this dialogue throughout a project’s lifecycle gives it transparency and clarity.

Open conversations align different parties to common goals, working towards a singular vision. This is what good design looks like for us.

02. Place is a Learning Environment

We believe education is the foundation of culture. Learning environments can be found in places in every sector, not only those dedicated to education.

Places that educate inspire the people that occupy them. We believe that people’s surroundings should enable their creativity and productivity.

By considering any place as a notional learning environment, we can design it to gain maximum input for optimum output.

03. Bright Ideas for a Sustainable Future

A deep understanding of environmentalism underpins our thoughts and actions. For us, studying the natural world is an inspiration as well as a discipline.

Innovative ecological and technological propositions provide radical, hybrid, practical and sustainable answers to environmental problems.

We strive for net zero solutions and ensure supportive ecosystems become equal partners with the communities and end-users we design for.

Our Approach

We centre our approach on conversation, debate and continuous learning through doing, making, testing and documenting our journey. We share the knowledge we gain with our community.

01. Process is an asset

With short, sharply focused workshop sessions, we define sequences of questions from which we develop each project.    

We don’t expect everything to simply fall into place. There are push and pull factors that influence and shape eventual outcomes.  

We experiment, analyse and assess, take incremental steps, testing and validating our work along the way. This process builds a body of evidence and defines concepts that support our decisions and feed the narrative.

02. Tell the Story as it Happens

Making is important, and so is explaining. Reiterating a project’s strengths and purpose consolidates the confidence it generates.      

As we progress, we share our results, so that clients and stakeholders become part of the design and making process. Consensus confirms our choices and enables project progression.    

Recording and retelling the project's narrative helps to define it for investors and prospective end-users.

03. Collaborate to Progress

We’re part of a generous, creative, and practical community in which the design journey brings together different strands of conceptual and technical activity.       

We are affiliated to an array of design and building professionals to ensure that we offer a complete range of built environment skills and knowledge.   

In joining the dots collaboratively, we resolve technical questions to progress the full narrative into uncharted, physical and digital futures.

04. Education is a Foundation for Everything

If we increase our knowledge, we can improve the entire ecosystem and its interdependencies.      

We think education should help to grow a global community of progressive designers and developers, driving and enacting positive change.   

Continual learning is how we respond thoughtfully and dynamically to the questions and challenges our clients’ projects pose.

05. Each Project is a Story

Our process, dialogue and design outcomes deliver a narrative we create in partnership with clients and stakeholders.       

This journey is a lively and engaging experience in which we encourage clients to imagine different possible outcomes and break free from established norms to achieve their vision.

It’s a story that resolves technical design issues and delivers practical, researchable, and measurable results once a project is complete and in use.

About Us

Studio Hoodless is a multi-faceted architecture and research by design practise founded by Harry Hoodless.